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Day 6:

There is a very powerful passage in Surah Al-Imran where after Allah talks about the different things we as human beings chase after in this dunya, Allah poses us the alternative to yearn and chase after:  Say, “Shall I inform you of [something] better than that? For those who fear Allah will be gardens in the presence of their Lord beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally, and purified spouses and approval from Allah . And Allah is Seeing of [His] servants –“  [3:15] 

Allah says that for the muttaqun, for those who had taqwa, who remembered Allah, who lived knowing they would one day have to face Allah and meet Allah, who took the necessary steps and protected themselves and didn’t fall into the temptations and desires of this dunya, Allah says for them will be gardens with their Lord, underneath where rivers will be flowing. Try to envision and imagine that scene subhanAllah, try to put yourself there.

Jannah will their eternal home, there will be no temporaries anymore, once you’re in you’re in- that’s where you will forever be, and for these people who had taqwa- they will have purified mates- purified means we wont have to use to restroom- no more of that. But above the things of Jannah and the mates of Jannah and the beautiful scene of Jannah, best of Allah, the muttaqunthey will have contentment from Allah- they finally be at peace because Allah will be pleased with them.

Absolute peace is something you can’t experience in this dunya, there always something next to look forward to or to be worrying about. There’s always the desire for what’s next or the want for more- but the muttaqun in Jannah, they will be satisfied, they will want nothing more why? Because Allah will be content with them, Allah will be pleased with them, happy with them. Imagine youself being that person. Imagine finally making it through those doors, finally being told that Allah is pleased with you- all the struggles of this dunya, the constant struggle of battling the nafs, every pain, every moment of worry was all worth it for that. Imagine being told that you’re finally a winner. SubhanAllah. In this month where the gates of Jannah are open, let’s keep making du’a that we are amongst these winners whom Allah is pleased with inshAllah!


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Larry White, in his 70’s, has spent 32 years of his life behind bars. He discusses how difficult it was for him to transition back into society after being in prison for so long. While he was incarcerated, he had organized a small social network within prison to advocate for better treatment of inmates. Once released, he decided to continue his advocacy, especially for older inmates living behind bars: “My whole life now is geared to go back in and help those I left behind.

Al Jazeera English hosts an award-winning documentary series, Fault Lines, and this episode examines life sentences and the elderly within the prison population in the United States. [x]

and fyi, Blacks received longer sentences than White inmates for the same crimes.

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turn blue

(Heribert Schindler)

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